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Vision – is one of the most important organs of the human senses. Thanks to visual functions we can perceive the world, objects, colors, and focus in space and are full members of society. A change of cornea shape or deterioration of its transparency leads to a decrease in the vision acuity or complete loss of vision.

Loss of vision becomes a very scary event for a person which completely changes his or her life. About 70 million of blind people live in Ukraine. Diseases of the cornea become one of the major causes of blindness and impaired vision.

Keratoplasty (corneal grafting) operation is a gold standard for the treatment of corneal diseases.

Keratoplasty in Ukraine – is an operation to replace the damaged part of the cornea from the donor cornea Bioimplant.

Corneal graft – is a type of Bioimplant for full or partial replacement of the defected cornea of a sick person's eye to restore or improve vision.

Corneal graft is a registered medical remedy intended for conducting keratoplasty in Ukraine, which has passed clinical testing and has received all of the required registration documents and certificates of the Ministry of HealthCare of Ukraine for use in medical practice.

Keratoplasty using the corneal graft allows to aid patients with a damaged cornea, to return to them the vision and working capacity, and significantly improve their quality of life.

Treatment of diseases of the cornea surgically using corneal graft from a donor tissue and the femtosecond laser system is considered to be the most progressive in the world, effective and safe.

Currently in Ukraine there are corresponding legislation, technical specifications and the required production facilities, with the help of which was created the Dnepropetrovsk department of the State Enterprise "Bioimplant" of the Ministry of HealthCare of Ukraine for the production of corneal grafts of high-quality.

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