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Frequently asked questions

- Hello, I need corneal transplantation, as I have keratoconus of 4th stage, but I do not live in Dnipropetrovsk. How can I do better and to come to the surgery? Advise!

Hello! Keratoconus of the 4th st. is an absolute indication for keratoplasty. If you were ever observed in any clinic, you can send us a scanned image of your document on the survey. Your documentation will be studied by ophthalmologists-surgeons of the "DOKOL" hospital and you will be informed about preliminary conclusion and possibility to conduct keratoplasty and negotiate about convenient date for your visit to the hospital. You can also come for an examination in Dnipropetrovsk to the hospital "DOKOL", if the indications for keratoplasty are proved, and stay for preoperative treatment in the clinic, and within 1 - 5 days you will have a surgery or, after consultation, you will agree on a convenient for you to date of the operation. Please contact us by phone +38 (095) -600-100-9 and our specialists will answer competently all your questions. If you decide to come, then please let us know in advance about the date of your visit.

- Hello! Your medication is in a dried state?

Hello! No a corneal graft is in solution and is ready for use.

- For what type of keratoplasty is used the corneal graft medication?

The corneal graft can substitute both the entire cornea, and some of its changed layers, so it can be used in all types of keratoplasty: the optical, reconstructive, medical and cosmetic, - regardless of the cornea area that needs replacement.

- Please tell me, how much is the operation?

The cost of operation is different in each case and depends on the type of operation (penetrating keratoplasty, lamellar keratoplasty; intralamellar, endothelial keratoplasty), and the method of resection of the corneal disk (by a metal blade – by means of the trephine or femtosecond laser). First, you need to be surveyed to identify the specific disease and the condition of your cornea. If you do not have at hand the results of surveys and diagnostics – in the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Clinical Ophthalmological Hospital your eyes will be comprehensively diagnosed and examined with the help of modern diagnostic equipment, also some laboratory tests will have to be done, if necessary. Based on the results of diagnostics you will have a meeting with a doctor, where you will get the answers to all your questions about your problem. Previously, you can contact us on +38 (095) -600-100-9 for more advice.

- What is the price of your medication?

To get the relevant price of the corneal graft medication – send us an email or fill out the application form.

- I have keratoconus. Tell me, how long do eyes are restore after keratoplasty?

Typically, patients with keratoconus after the keratoplasty surgery using a femtosecond laser system require a hospital stay of 5-7 days, after which they are recommended to be monitored by an ophthalmologist according to the place of residence.
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