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21.03.2014 Internet newspaper – fakty.ua

"With a sharp-edged metal rod" Titushky "pierced my eye. Doctors managed to save the eyesight"

Violetta Kirtoca, "FACTS"

During the confrontations in Kiev the capital experts have assisted a hundred of protesters with eye injuries, 52 of which had operations, in 12 cases the eyeball had to be removed.

"I always see as in the 3D-effect"

For doctors the 42-year-old Konstantin from Kiev – is a unique patient: with a difference of 14, he had serious injuries of one, and then another eye. At both times he could lose vision, but thanks to the high professionalism of surgeons-ophthalmologists, the ability to see was saved.

— “In 2000, in the city center, in the Lutheran street, I was attacked in broad daylight, - says Konstantin Aksyutenko. - One man was holding me, and the second shot with a traumatic into my face. The bullet struck in the left eye. Initially after the operation I did not see, but then the vision returned. Since then I trust our doctors.”

"Once the right eye gets tired, the eyelid goes down, the left one also “wants” to close," - says Konstantin.

— How did you get the second injury?

— It was on 24 January, at the European Square. At night I patrolled the circumference of barricades with guys. Through the colonnades of the stadium suddenly jumped out guys in sweat pants and sneakers. While I was trying to hold one, another hit me on the back of a metal rod, and when I turned around – on the face. The edge of the rod went straight into my eye. At that moment I wished I had put on a helmet and goggles. Fortunately, we had a powered on portable radio set. The sounds of the fight were heard by others patrols and they came running to rescue. Three of the seven attackers were managed to be taken. I asked the guys to take me to hospital but I refused to have treatment in the in-patient facility. A doctor prescribed drops. Pain in the eye and in the head was hell, and I applied to the district hospital. After the treatment I didn’t feel better. Then I went to the Center of Eye Microsurgery. I was immediately taken to hospital, examined and placed on an operation, otherwise I could lose the eye.

The right eye of the man is swollen and closed. But upon the request of a doctor Konstantin raises the eyelid. At the bottom of the pupil is visible a white spot – in that place there was a hole. Doctor lets me look through the man’s eyeball with a microscope. It is seen that the tissues around the defect are sewn with a black thread. Moreover stitches are made with symmetrical lines.

— “The surgeon ideally knitted up the hole – explains the head of the capital's Center of Eye Microsurgery, chief ophthalmologist of the Ministry of HealthCare of Ukraine, Professor Sergiy Rykov. – The edges of the cornea had to be strengthened so that they wouldn’t spread. For this purpose, was used the sclera. Why is the eye red?” – He addresses to the patient.

— “Yesterday blood pressure raised – answers Konstantin. - I was said it can affect the condition of the eye. What can compare my current feelings with? I constantly see in the 3D-like effect. I thought that the healthy eye will be so "compassionate" to the injured one. Once the right eye becomes tired, the eyelid goes down, and also the left one "wants" to close, and if the injured eye starts to ache starts to ache, then soon the second one "responds".”

— “It is a pity that Konstantin did not immediately address to us and lost his time” – continues Sergiy Rykov. – “We did not ask any patient who came to us during the confrontation in which circumstances they got injured, where it happened, did not require the documents to determine the place of residence. In January-February, many people said that the police monitored the departments of some hospitals, from which people then disappeared. But none of our patients was arrested. As a rule, people got not only eye injuries, but also serious head injuries, so they were taken to the multi-faceted hospital, where there are intensive care units. Then, were called our experts for additional advice. Then, if the condition was satisfactory, the man could be taken to our center. We had special places, which allowed at any time to admit the protesters. By the way, doctors of the Eye Microsurgery Center also operated soldiers of the Internal Troops. I remember a father brought his 18-year-old son, who was forced to stand in front of a chain of protesters. I do not know who was shooting, but the fact remains the fact: we took out a bullet from the boy's eye. Fortunately, it passed between the eyelid and the eyeball without damaging its structure.”

"After the corneal implantation Konstantin’s vision restored to 80 percent"

— “Will Konstantin see?” – I ask Sergiy Aleksandrovych.

— “He can see now! His eyesight was saved. However, at the moment it is only ten percent. But I think after the surgery on the corneal implantation, which will be conducted by our colleagues from Dnipropetrovsk, it will rise to 80 percent.”

— “In the coming days I will go to the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Ophthalmological Hospital, - adds Konstantin. - There they already know about me and they are ready to continue the treatment.”

Sergiy Rykov: "In our practice we try to apply the latest technology, thanks to which we manage to save the eyesight of thousands of patients."

— “Colleagues from Dnipropetrovsk who use the method of implanting the cornea, work according to European standards,” - says Sergey Rykov. –“ They have created a laboratory for the production of corneal grafts, in which are produced and stored materials needed to save vision in case of corneal injuries. In our country, up to four thousand of such operations are needed a year. If people do not replace the cornea, they will become blind, and thus will be disabled. After implantation of corneal grafts the threat of blindness disappears. All other methods used in the world are in our arsenal. In particular, the doctors of the Center of Eye Microsurgery have vast experience in treating cataracts, glaucoma and myopia. They always go abroad for training. We invite colleagues from around the world to us to navigate master classes. Our experts perfected surgery on retinal detachment. For three years we have been working with such delicate instruments and using such high-precision equipment that now we can operate on the macula (the point where the sun ray enters and the image focuses). Previously, we could not do it – there were too serious complications.”

Just recently, "FACTS" urged everyone to check for glaucoma –in all regions of the country ophthalmologists conducted free consultations and measured the intraocular tension. At the early stages glaucoma is asymptomatic, and at the latter ones it threatens blindness. And if you make a diagnosis timely, you are able to control the disease by using special drops. Not the least role in solving this problem plays spreading the information about the disease and the work of doctors. For comparison: in our center in 2003 were made 1058 interventions in cases of glaucoma, in 2008 – 869, in 2013 – 445. This suggests that we more frequently find the disease at early stages. And the modern equipment, which is in all ophthalmic centers, is so sensitive that "sees" the glaucoma if only 20 percent of optic nerve cells are affected.

— “I still can not drive, I was not allowed to do any physical activities, doctors did not even allow to drink coffee, in order not to provoke pressure jump” – says Konstantin. – “But, you know, my injury – is a slight shock comparing to people who got bullet wounds.”

— “Many experts of our centre in their leisure hours were on duty on the Maidan, providing assistance to those whose eye mucosa suffered from gas,” – says Sergiy Rykov. – “Two of my colleagues registered their cars as emergency ambulances. During the entire confrontation ophthalmologists from Kyiv took a hundred patients with eye injuries, 52 of which had operations. Twelve victims had to have their eyeball removed.”

“Unfortunately, many injured people from Maidan did not visit specialists, in fear of persecution. But even after concussion, rough blow you need to visit a doctor. Sometimes, changes in the eye structures cannot be seen at first, but then they appear and can lead to serious problems. So I ask all who had eye injuries, contact us or another eye clinic for a check. Believe me, this is very important.”

Photo by Sergiy Tushynskiy, "FACTS"

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